A Stunning Location

We are located in the beautiful rolling hills of Cavan-Millbrook only a half kilometre past the Peterborough town line. We are a 15 minute drive from down town Peterborough, and an hour from Toronto.

On the farm you will find amenities: classroom, washroom, kitchen, barn, round pen, arena and 33 acres of rolling fields, forest, paths and a meandering creek the cuts its way along the properties borders.

Currently there are 9 horses on the property of which 7 are currently in our Equine Learning Programs. Accompanying them are a menagerie of cats and dogs and people. 

Welcome to The Oasis Farm and Wellness Centres Website

My Name is Ingrid Brammer and I want to take a moment to personally welcome you to The Oasis Farm and Wellness Centres website. We are a health and wellness centre that offers a sense of community, connection and healing with horses and nature.

In these pages you will find valuable services, programs, workshops, tools and information. Check back regularly for blogs, new posts, videos and information as well as new programs that we are launching. Also make sure to check out and Like us on Facebook for news about special promotions.

We are home to a few Practitioners and partner with Living Clarity to offer  profound and life enriching Equine Programs. To find out more about Living Clarity check out their website

​​Emotional Intelligence Training

Utilizing emotional information to understand our internal and external moment to be able to create high quality choices is what is known as emotional intelligence. They let us know when we are moving in the right direction, or when we have fallen onto a tangential path. They let us know if we are healthy or unhealthy.They even alert us to danger and tell us to make a hasty escape. Learn how to utilize your emotional information to create success.

Corporate Team Events

The Oasis Farm offers different workshops for corporate or entrepreneurial pursuits. Part of a success company is a successful team of people. From emotional intelligence, to relationship skills to listening skills and more there are so many aspects of having a healthy team of people to insure the success of any business. check out our Workshops and EFL Programs to see if we can help you to create a better work environment and reach your business goals.

Finding Inner Harmony among Nature and Animal Friends

Equine Facilitated Learning Programs (EFL)

The Oasis Farm offers both individual, semi-private and group EFL session along with 1 to 2 day workshops. EFL session focus on participants top of mind problem helping to create new pathways to thinking and success. For more information on our services and Workshops check out our EFL Page. You can with a group of people and create your own themed workshop here at Oasis.

The Oasis Farm and Wellness Centre 's Programs and Workshops allow you to build emotional intelligence, relational and stress relieving skills to thrive in any environment supported by equine partners and Expert Practioners.

The Oasis Farm and Wellness Centre

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